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Our Shared Philosophy

Here at Stanton Nutrition Counseling, we are real people who want to meet you right where you are in real life. We believe in providing exceptional, individualized and mutually respectful care. We are weight-inclusive, people-first clinicians actively working to improve the lives of our clients.

We welcome all people, all bodies, and all experiences.

Whether you are looking to make a big change or just to find more peace in life, we are here to help. 

Meet the Team: About

Meet the Team


Kayla Stanton

Founder / Registered Dietitian

It brings me so much joy in life to help others create positive and stress-free relationships with food. When working with clients, I always take the time to get to know the human in front of me first. My approach is non-judgmental and collaborative, meeting people exactly where they are and working with them to create a meaningful and sustainable impact in their lives. When I'm not working with clients, you'll find me on a hike in the woods or playing make-believe with my two boys. I'm also learning sign language with a goal to provide better nutrition support and services to members of the Deaf / Hard of Hearing (D/HH) community

Meet the Team: Team Members
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