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Will you help me lose weight?

We welcome with compassionate, open arms, those who have had a long-standing desire to lose weight. We may refer to ourselves as anti-diet, but we are never "anti-dieters". We understand that we live in a fatphobic world that praises thinness at any and all costs, and yet we recognize the research shows that 95% of diets and intentional weight loss attempts fail the person pursuing them. Research has shown that within 2-5 years, most people gain weight back (often beyond their starting weight) and enter a process of "weight cycling" which is harmful to both physical and mental health.

We've listened to hundreds of clients' experiences of losing and gaining weight and all of the stress, guilt, and shame that follow. We know that countless people have been harmed by baseless and flawed weight loss advice, and we know that intentional weight loss efforts through diet and restriction encourages eating disorder behaviors.

We don't offer weight loss services... but we want to meet you exactly where you are, and if right now, it feels like weight loss is the only way to get to where you want to be, we hope you give us the chance to show you a different way. 

Will you help me lose weight?: FAQ
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